What exactly is a Managed Services Provider?

It doesn’t matter how wireless your business technology is – few things can tangle up your operations like a mismanaged IT infrastructure. 

That’s where a managed services provider comes in. Managed services refer to any IT operations or functions that can be outsourced to a third party. Hiring a managed services provider generally includes the proactive monitoring and equipment maximization that comes with an in-house staff, but at a lower price point. It also allows companies, especially SMBs, to improve on their current break/fix model of IT management without having to hire a dedicated staff. 

Given today’s ever-evolving business technology landscape, keeping up with the latest trends and advancements – not to mention your own system’s patches, updates and backups – is an area worthy of its own expertise. Unless your core business includes handling such matters, hiring a staff to manage your IT processes can be cost-prohibitive and risky; some companies can expect to spend 70 percent or more of their IT budgets on personnel

The ultimate goal of any good managed services provider should be to cater a service plan that creates peace of mind for both you and your customer. Outsourcing time-consuming IT tasks frees up valuable resources while allowing your company to focus on what it does well – without getting tangled up.

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