Outsourced IT: So Much More Than Emergency Response

“What if things go wrong?”

That’s the question traditionally answered by outsourced IT service providers. Viewed almost as first responders with pocket protectors, IT professionals have been swooping in and saving the day since networks were first installed, earning a trusted role in the modern workplace.

These days, however, reactive support is a small fraction of the service your IT partner should be providing. Instead, here are the four roles to expect from your outsourced IT:

  • A Fractional CIO: A good technology partner should provide the same guidance, strategy development and governance that a top-level Chief Information Officer would be responsible for. 
  • Infrastructure Engineers: The most effective disaster prevention happens during routine – yet often overlooked – maintenance of your apps, servers and network.
  • Project Engineers: Even something minor like adding a new network printer can have a major impact on your digital environment. Being proactive is the best way to keep equipment delays and other environmental hazards at bay.
  • Help Desk Reactive Support: Finally, the fire-extinguishing, day-saving heroes we all know, love and depend on.

When utilized thoroughly, an outsourced IT partner doesn’t just fix problems; it accounts for growth, makes improvements and supports your goals. Proactive, not reactive. That means a great IT partner should also answer an even more important question: 

“What happens when things go right?”

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