Business Security: Everyone has a Role

When it comes to building and maintaining a secure digital business environment, there are plenty of apt comparisons for the modern role of the IT provider. Pick your metaphor: teacher, quarterback, lion tamer – they all get too much credit when things go right, and too much blame when they don’t. 

Instead, successfully building and maintaining efficient cyber security takes a top-down effort in which everyone within an organization fills at least one of three distinct roles. They are:

Business Leaders 

To create a responsible IT environment in the workplace, leadership needs to first define its strategy so effective policies, procedures and controls can be implemented. The goal should be to allocate the time and resources needed to stop potential risks before they happen.

IT Provider 

Whether you’re using a Managed Services Provider or have your own in-house team, your IT provider should be the proactive point person for all things technological. Traditionally seen as a handyman called in to unfreeze desktops, IT providers have evolved to become a trusted member of forward-thinking corporate teams, ensuring networks and equipment aren’t just operational, but optimized to support your company’s long-term goals and objectives. 

End Users

Broadly defined as any authorized person that uses your organization’s data, end users are counted on to follow the protocols that leadership and IT Providers set in place. There is no layer of your cyber security plan that’s more vital than having well-educated end users that can avoid potential risks and spot suspicious behavior. 

Technology in today’s business landscape isn’t just pervasive; it’s changing the way companies operate and service their customers. That’s why it’s vital for everyone within an organization to play a role in implementing effective data security measures. That way, everyone can take credit for keeping things up and running.



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