How to Make Security Your Policy

If there’s a sad truth about mankind, it’s that we don’t do very well with suggestions. We need laws and speed limits. In business we call these policies, and they’re the only thing keeping your digital environment from devolving into Mad Max-like lawlessness. If that sounds overly dramatic, understand that breaches cost affected companies an average […]

Business Security: Everyone has a Role

When it comes to building and maintaining a secure digital business environment, there are plenty of apt comparisons for the modern role of the IT provider. Pick your metaphor: teacher, quarterback, lion tamer – they all get too much credit when things go right, and too much blame when they don’t.  Instead, successfully building and […]

Data Security in 2019 and Beyond

Providing access in today’s business world is capital. Remote-access positions are prized, wireless access is standard, and allowing your clients to interact with your company, even when the doors are closed, is a must.  But to borrow an over-used cliché: With great access comes great responsibility.  In the first half of 2019 alone, the number of […]

What exactly is a Managed Services Provider?

It doesn’t matter how wireless your business technology is – few things can tangle up your operations like a mismanaged IT infrastructure.  That’s where a managed services provider comes in. Managed services refer to any IT operations or functions that can be outsourced to a third party. Hiring a managed services provider generally includes the […]

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