Top Videoconferencing Apps: Pros & Cons

By this point we’ve learned, some of us the hard way, that not all videoconferencing software iscreated equal. But even with all the accidental mutings, security issues and background barking,the need to meet and collaborate with a remote team isn’t going anywhere. If you’ve simplystuck with the free app you’ve been using since the pandemic […]

Three Great American Innovators You’ve Never Heard Of

As the nation celebrates its 244th birthday this week, we want to recognize (and maybe brag about) just how impactful America’s ingenuity has been in that time. Pick a topic: automobiles, manufacturing, medicine – even electricity itself. History books are filled with Americans having, and pulling off, big, world-changing ideas. Think Edison, Ford, Gates and […]

Keep Your Network In-Session During Summer Break

If you’re reading this, chances are your devices, routers, servers and other equipment have weathered the abrupt transition to remote working (and for many, homeschooling). More importantly, so have you.  Now it’s time to prep for the disruptions we can see coming – summer weather. At the risk of sounding alarmist, the upcoming months bring […]

You’re reopening from your business interruption. What did you learn?

For many of us, the first business closures from COVID-19 are coming to an end. While your businessmay be reopening now or soon, it is, by no means, back to business as usual. Even if you are fortunateenough that customer demand immediately returns to pre COVID levels, the market and some of itsnorms have changed. […]

Patches: Fix Your Cyber Cracks Before They Leak

Simply put, patches are what allow your IT systems to operate smoothly despite the constant threat of breach. They’re small pieces of code written to combat specific vulnerabilities or flaws that have been exposed by hackers picking away at your software. Think of your computer system like a submarine; the water outside, like today’s sea […]

Outsourced IT: So Much More Than Emergency Response

“What if things go wrong?” That’s the question traditionally answered by outsourced IT service providers. Viewed almost as first responders with pocket protectors, IT professionals have been swooping in and saving the day since networks were first installed, earning a trusted role in the modern workplace. These days, however, reactive support is a small fraction […]

How Zoom shows us free and easy aren’t the best options for cybersecurity

So, you’re in a pinch. Suddenly your business team can’t meet in person, but there is still a daily need tocollaborate. You hadn’t prepared for this scenario in advance, so you are scrambling for a solution.There’s significant buzz about a videoconferencing app. You heard about it from a friend or saw it onGoogle or maybe […]

Stress Test: Tips to Keep Everyone Working from Home

If your personal computing hardware is like that of millions of homes across America right now, it’s being put to the test. At any given moment, our modems and wi-fi routers are juggling personal and work computers, video conferences, devices, video games, streaming sticks, printers, smart TVs and baby cams.  Sound familiar? At least you […]

Technology is a powerful force in your business. But is it a positive one?

Technology has long been one of humankind’s greatest allies. From discovery of fire and invention of the wheel to implementation of the assembly line and the automobile, technology has made it possible for us to accomplish more than any other species on the planet. It is technology, not the opposable thumb, that is our greatest […]

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